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Classic Manicure
(up to 20 minutes)

Basic manicure includes shaping nails, trimming cuticles, hand massage and new polish application.

Paraffin Manicure
(up to 30 minutes)

Do you want an extra care for your hands? This pampering service is the great choice to soften and smoothe skin. The warm wax-like procedure is to deep-moisturize the skin, improve blood circulation and bring relaxation to your hands. It is very beneficial for arthritis and aching joints.

Deluxe Spa Manicure
(up to 35 minutes)

This manicure includes every step of a classic manicure with the addition of fruit sugar scrub, followed with hand massage, finished with hot towel wraps that will provide a long lasting hydration throughout the day.

Gel Manicure
(up to 30 minutes)

Are you looking for a nail polish can last up at least one week or more? The Gel Manicure is the right choice. This full hand treatment includes every step of a classic manicure and finished with your choice of gel colors.
Gel Manicure Clear $35

Milk & Honey with Paraffin
(up to 35 minutes)

This basic manicure will be processed with the addition of the milk and honey sugar exfoliation. Plus, hand massage with cream butter, hot towel wraps and paraffin treatment will renew your skin

Ultimate Manicure (35 minutes)$40

With this manicure, dead skin cells on your hands will be exfoliated with tropical sugar scrub. Your hands will be continuously pampered with paraffin treatment, tropical mask, and hot towel massage to lock in moisture. Healthy and nice hands will be revealed.

Hot Stone Manicure
(up to 35 minutes)

For this service, we use tropical sugar scrub to remove your dry skin & applying hand massage with essential oil to restore vitality of your skin. Then the hot stone massage continued to provide great heat retaining and energizing properties. This is a great treatment especially in the winter

Luxury Manicure
(up to 40 minutes)

We use all OPI lavender products to perform this service. A nice exfoliation with sugar scrub will be applied on your hands. Then, a hydrating mask seals in moisture. Plus, hot stone massage with essential oil will bring you a very relaxing moment.

Signature Manicure
(up to 40 minutes)

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. This is the reason why we chose green tea products for this service. A sugar scrub will be gently applied on your hands and followed with hand massage with green tea lotion. Plus, a hydrating green tea mask and paraffin treatment continued to lock in moisture. An extended hot stone massage with essential oil and nail polish of your choice will be applied to complete the service


Classic Pedicure
(up to 30 minutes)

Basic pedicure includes shaping toe nails, trimming cuticles, light sea salt scrub exfoliation, hot towel wraps and completion with polish of choice

Paraffin Pedicure
(up to 35 minutes)

This extra foot care includes the basic pedicure followed by a paraffin treatment. Recommended for arthritis feet.

Deluxe Pedicure
(up to 40 minutes)

This pedicure will be processed with the addition of the tropical sugar scrub. This treatment is followed with the application of hot towel wraps, and lotion massage. Your feet will come out clean and smooth

Milk & Honey Pedicure
(up to 45 minutes)

Your feet will be exfoliated with milk and honey sugar scrub, along with butter cream and hot towel wraps will be followed to reveal the softness of your feet.

Hot Stone Pedicure
(up to 45 minutes)

Your feet will be pampered with tropical sugar scrub and peeling mask. Hot stone massage will relieve tense feet and soothe sore muscles. Callus removal included

Ultimate Pedicure
(up to 45 minutes)

This pedicure is followed by a gentle exfoliation of tropical sugar scrub, hydrating tropical mask, paraffin treatment and finished with the foot massage and hot towel wraps. Callus removal included

Luxury Pedicure
(up to 55 minutes)

This pedicure includes every step of a classic pedicure with OPI lavender products. Your feet will be soaked in lavender salt. A nice exfoliation with fine sugar scrub is applied to remove any dead skin. Then, lavender lotion followed to smooth your feet. Soothing with lavender mask wrapped with hot towels. A hot stone massage using essential oil will relieve all the stress of your muscles. Callus removal included.

Signature Pedicure
(up to 60 minutes)

Your feet will be relaxing in the hot tub of green tea sea salt. Using Aromatherapy flakes, this pedicure will be processed with the addition of green tea sugar scrub, green teat lotion massage and green tea mask wrapped with hot towels. A paraffin treatment and extended hot stone massage using essential oil will bring a great treat for your tired feet. Callus removal included

Additional Callus
Treatment / For Pedicure
$8/ $47 & Under

Gel Polish Application$20

Foot Massage $15/$20/$25

(10/15/20 min)



Acrylic (Regular Polish)$45 / $35

Acrylic (Gel Polish)$60 / $50

1 Color Powder$65 / $55

Pink & White (Acrylic)$70 / $60

Ombre (Acrylic)$75 / $65

Liquid w/ Gel Polish$70 / $57

Liquid w/ Regular Polish$60 / $50

Liquid Gel w/ Clear$55 / $45

* Additional charge for various shapes & extra length
* Additional $5 charge to remove old dip to new dip


SNS Powder$50

SNS Ombre$65

SNS Clear$45

Take off SNS With Gel Manicure$5


Our newest nail enhancement. No dust, no odor and no damage to natural nails. For those allergic to primer or liquid, this is an alternative option to traditional acrylic. Results are thin & natural.

Apres With Regular Polish$50+

Apres With Gel Polish$65+

* Additional $5 to remove old apres to redo new apres



Take off Arcylic
W/Full Set/SNS/Gel X

Take off SNS
With Gel Manicure

Take Off Acrylic
With Gel Manicure

Take Off Acrylic
With Reg Manicure

Take off Only Gel Polish$10

Take off Only Dipping Powder$10

Take off Only Acrylic$20/$25

Take off Gel Polish
Back to Regular Polish


Regular Polish Hands/ Feet$13 / $16

Gel Polish Hands/ Feet$25 / $30

Gel Polish Hands With Take Off$30

Acrylic Gel Polish Change$35

Acrylic Regular Polish Change$25

logo CHILDREN (10 & UNDER)

Hand Polish$7

Toe Polish$10



Gel Manicure$30


logo EXTRA

Longer Length For
Full Set/ Fill In
$5/ $10/ $15

Cut Down w/ Acrylic$3+

Cut Down Only Hands/ Feet$8 / $10

Add Tips w/ SNS$5

Manicure w/ Acrylic/ SNS$10/ $5

Paraffin Hands / Feet$10 / $10

Chrome Design Nails or Feet$20

Ombre Design Gel
Polish Glitter/ Color
$15/ $20

Cat Eyes Design$10+

French/V French/
Curve French
$7+/ $15+

Matt Top Coat
Gel or Regular

Design $7/ $10/ $20

2 Acrylic Big Toes
Full Set/ Fill In
$15/ $12

Buff Shine Nails or Feet$10


Tinting & Waxing$27

Upper Only$9
Upper & Under$12



Eyebrow, Lip, Chin$33


Full Face$45+


Chest or Back$45+


Leg Half$40+

Leg Full$65+